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Shaved Ice Truck : The New Ice Cream Truck

Want to learn more about our awesome shaved ice truck? For starters, we call it the Kona Entertainment Vehicle, because well…that’s what it is - a party on wheels!

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Million Dollar Giveback


We are committed to giving back to our communities. It’s not an afterthought, it is who we are. Each year we give back millions of dollars to local communities and organizations all over. How can we help you raise money?

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Schools Fundraisers Sports Daycares Corporate Events Parties


Flavoring your own shaved ice is pretty much the best thing ever. You can have as much of as many of our mouth-watering flavors as you want! Check out all of our amazing flavors.

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Flavor Our World

We don’t want to be just a business. We want our roots to be dug deep into our communities. We want to give back. In short, we want to make a difference and flavor our world.

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Flavor our World initiative…
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