Be Good, Do Good, For Good is not just a motto for Kona Ice, it is how we do business. It is our intent to provide a safe and sensational experience for each and every customer.


(Kona Entertainment Vehicle)

Clean and Pristine

The Kona Entertaiment Vehicle (KEV) is an NSF approved shaved ice machine on wheels. We promote an “open kitchen concept” to allow full view into our serving area. Kone Ice franchisees adhere to strict cleaning standards as well as utilize the food safe, EPA registered and FDA approved Microshield360 sanitization process on each and every KEV.


Commited to Safety

We are an open air establishment, which helps promote social distancing.

We are committed to strict sanitation, hand washing and health and wellness policies.

Our shaved ice consumable product never touches human hands during preparation.

Our product is provided by healthy, monitored, and gloved servers.

Payment handling procedures to ensure food product remains safe and clean.

Our vehicles are certified clean with Microshield360™.


Committed to Quality

Our Ingredients

In 2015, Kona Ice found that in order to best control the quality of our flavors, we should make them ourselves in a manner that sources the best ingredients and produces our flavors in a setting that is second-to-none when it comes to quality manufacturing with the most strict sanitization protocols possible. Our manufacturing facility regularly requests third party Food Safety Systems Audits and consistently scores with zero deficiencies.

Our Nutritional Blends

With Kona, you aren’t just enjoying a shaved-ice, if you are consuming our Vita-Blend, you are enjoying a product that is 40% lower in sugar, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and contains no high fructose corn syrup. Plus you are getting good dose of both Vitamins C and D. Our Fruit First product even contains less sugar (70% less) and has fruit as its first ingredient (after ice) exceeding all Smart Snack Standards.