Sour Powder Candy

Pucker up and get ready for Topz™, Kona’s newest addition to the shaved ice experience. Electrify your Kona experience with Sour Cherry and Sour Blue Raspberry, sure to satiate any sour lover out there! Just add a dash of Topz™ to the top of your Kona for a brand new twist on a tried-and-true classic!

Topz™ is the the ultimate treat for kids and the kid in you! Brace yourselves for a burst of soury goodness that turns your Kona Ice into the perfect blend of sweet and sour. A great refreshing treat on after hot day at the ballpark and or just the jolt to the taste buds need to power through those last few hours at the office.

Whether you’re young or just young at heart, dive into this experience after the game, school, festival, party or office near you.



“It hits like a surprise, I thought I wasn’t tasting anything at first but then the sour hit my taste buds like a wave and it was amazing!”

Matthew M.


“Very creative and great idea for a topping.”

Jackie S. Mother


“Just the right amount of sour to add just the right extra flavor to my Kona Ice!”

Marianna B.

Sour Blue Raspberry

The fusion of icy coolness and the puckering tang of blue raspberry creates a flavor symphony, making each spoonful a thrilling, mouthwatering adventure.

Sour Cherry

Each spoonful becomes an exhilarating journey as the frosty coolness melds harmoniously with the zesty punch of sour cherry, creating a tantalizing explosion of refreshing delight.