Looking for something fun for your kids and staff?

The Kona Ice truck provides a fun and refreshing way to beat the heat and add excitement to the week. Perfect for your open house or weekly visits. With sugar-free and dye-free options available, it’s a treat anyone can enjoy! 

Weekly Visits

During the summer, you can request to have Kona Ice out every week! Look for Kona Ice day to be everyone’s favorite of the week. We are perfect for your open house as well!

Healthy & Inclusive

Our product is nutritious and delicious! We offer healthy alternatives such as our proprietary bases Vita-Blend or Fruit First. Need dye-free or sugar-free options? No problem; we have you covered!


The beauty of Kona Ice? Choose as many flavors as you want! From Tiger’s Blood to Monster Mango to Ninja Cherry, create the flavor combinations of your dreams!