Take in the fresh air and exhale the winter blues! Kona Ice is ready to serve you with brand new spring flavors! Try Strawberry Cupcake, Vanilla Colada, or the citrus surprise hit Tropical Twist; however you decide to make your Kona, we guarantee you’ll find a flavor that suits you. So, what are you waiting for?

Nutrition Facts

Vanilla Colada

A vanilla twist on the classic Piña Colada. This flavor is sweet, tropical, and slightly fruity.

Tropical Twist

This mix of pineapple, blood orange, and grapefruit creates a combination of sweet tropical goodness that bursts with flavor. 

Strawberry Cupcake

A delightful fusion of sweet baked notes, vanilla, and ripe strawberry goodness. It’s like a cupcake in a shaved ice ready to sweeten your day.

Spring is here

Kona is ready to sweeten the deal with some delicious shaved iced goodies for you and your event! Indoors? No problem! Book a mini, and we’ll come to you! For outdoor events, choose from our several options: KEV, Kiosk, or Trailer to serve your specific needs. Whatever the job, wherever the event, we’re ready to serve you however we can!

Spring has sprung

Kona is ready to kick off the season with events, events, and even more events! Try our new Strawberry Cupcake flavor, with refreshing notes of strawberry and vanilla fused into one! This flavor is sure to become a new classic in your lineup. Book today and see what all the hype is about.