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Kurbside Kona Delivery

Kona Ice now delivers! Like a pizza delivery? Not quite. We schedule specific times and locations where we're open for delivering it right to your "kurb". Super easy, super fun! Click below to start your order!

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About Us


Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Right now until further notice we are only doing online pre-paid orders. We post updates on dates & where we will be daily on social media (@konaiceindy) and on our website. You  get to choose the time when you'd like us to come!

Here is the link on where to order: https://kurbsidekona.com?id=3543

If you'd like to make a suggestion on a location you'd like us to be please EMAIL us a date & an addres and we can get you on our list. We can't guarantee suggestions, but we will do our best. Our email address is [email protected]


Contact us at [email protected] for pricing information.