Kona Ice North Plainfield

email: schmidtfamily@kona-ice.com
phone: 630-777-1649

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About Us

We are Brad and Kristin Schmidt, Owner/Operators of Kona Ice North Plainfield. We are here to meet all your Kona needs: include Kona Ice at your Daycare summer program, have us at your sporting events to help raise money for your team, celebrate a special occasion, have fun at school with Kona Ice or cool off at work with a Kona Ice break.  We specialize in fundraising!  We giveback a percentage of our proceeds to the school/sports team.  We come to you!  No volunteers are needed to have Kona Ice at your event.


Party packages start at $125 for 25 Kiddie Kona's (9oz).  

Larger packages for as little as $250 for 100 guests.

Our retail prices are:  Kiddie (9oz) - $3, Klassic (12oz) - $4 and

Color Changing Cup (22oz)  - $5

We accept credit cards or cash



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