Kona Ice is fun, mobile, and 100% self-contained. Our throughput is simply unmatched in the industry!

Big festivals, county fairs, youth sports tournaments, swim meets, company picnics, weddings, band competitions, block parties, and more! Kona Ice is sure to bring excitement and enhance ANY event.

Kona Entertainment Vehicle

Our Kona Entertainment Vehicle (KEV) screams fun and excitement, from the shiny chrome wheels to the tropical music that whisks you away to paradise. Enjoy an escape to the tropics!

Speed of Service

Looking to improve your customer experience? Our throughput is simply unmatched in the industry. We can serve 500+ per hour. Reduce bottlenecks at your event with Kona Ice!

Fairs & Festivals

Kona Ice checks all the boxes to improve and enhance your big event. Incredibly fast serve speed, self-contained, friendly staff… it’s a no-brainer!