We offer a refreshing and nostalgic treat that appeals to all ages!

Employee appreciation days, company picnics, a random afternoon break – you name it, we’ll be there! Ask about our Krafted flavors, including mocktails such as Caribbean Cherry, Lavender Lemonade, Coconut Lime, and many more!

Kona Entertainment Vehicle

Our Kona Entertainment Vehicle (KEV) screams fun and excitement, from the shiny chrome wheels to the tropical music that whisks you away to paradise. Enjoy an escape to the tropics!

Healthy & Inclusive

Our product is nutritious and delicious! We offer healthy alternatives such as our proprietary bases Vita-Blend or Fruit First. Need dye-free or sugar-free options? No problem; we have you covered!

Krafted Flavors

Enjoy legacy flavors like Tiger’s Blood and Blue Raspberry, or dive into our refreshing mocktails. Ask your local Kona truck about our high-end Krafted line of flavoring today!