Flavor Our World Trip

13 million dollars – the amount we’ve given back to communities and organizations all across the country. But what does that look like? What are those stories? Our video team took a two week journey to 9 different cities to collect as many stories as possible. If you’d like to get a taste of how we’ve been returning the flavor back to our world, check out this short trailer.

Brave: The Story of Dario Lorenzetti

Dario Lorenzetti is someone you should know about. He was a servant leader and literally died saving the lives of others. He upheld what he, as an Eagle Scout, was taught to do – to lead well and sacrifice for others. The legacy he left will live on and Kona Ice has a small part in that. Fundraising for the Dario Lorenzetti Memorial at Worth Ranch has been a big part of Steve & Paige’s Kona business.

Dario is survived by his wife, Kirstin and his three daughters, Arabella, Natalia, & Aryanna.

To learn more about the memorial and how you can donate, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LorenzettiMemorial/info

Chill Out Day

April 15th is America’s least favorite holiday. Between sifting through the mail for the correct paperwork, filling out form after form with painstaking detail and paying a hefty sum of money to Uncle Sam, tax day can be a real drag.

National “Chill Out Day” is one of the many ways Kona Ice is helping Flavor Our World. The newly launched Flavor Our World campaign is dedicated to enhancing our world through community partnerships, school fundraisers, sponsorships and philanthropic projects. These contributions are continuing to make the world a better, brighter place.

Building upon these giveback tactics and the $16 million Kona Ice has put back into communities nationwide, National Chill Out Day is one small, yet powerful, way the brand hopes to put a smile on people’s faces.

Kona Ice Raleigh, NC – The Veverkas

Richie & Carina have teamed up with their local Parks & Rec department, because they believe it’s our responsibility, as a community, to help give those kids without opportunities, the opportunity to participate in sports and activity- based programs. The money raised by Kona Ice of Raleigh helps pay for scholarships for those kids. You’ll see the Kona truck on any given weekend at the ball fields and parks helping to raise money for
the kids in the Raleigh community.

Kona Ice Greenville, SC – Scott Mackey

The Greenville Zoo is a small community zoo in the heart of Greenville, SC. It’s become an important educational spot in this area – a place where families can come and learn about animals from all over the globe. And as such, Kona Ice knew they wanted to be involved. Scott has been able to give back thousands and thousands of dollars to the Greenville Zoo to help take care of the animals that everyone knows and loves.

Kona Ice Houston, TX – Patrick Sinclair

Anthony was a funny little first grader with energy to burn. That all changed in just a few day’s time. He started feeling sick, so his mom took him to the ER. What they thought was just an illness, turned out to be an enlarged heart. Anthony needed a heart transplant. His teacher and the PTO caught wind and decided they wanted to throw a fundraiser for Anthony and his family. What happened next may surprise you.