TDT News: Evacuees grateful to be out of flood zone

Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends in Houston during this time. Meanwhile, we will continue to help in any way we can.


“While the future is uncertain for those displaced, the Temple Parks and Recreation Department is trying to ensure the ordeal is as comfortable as possible for those involved.

Recreation Specialist Belinda Garcia said there are a variety of video games, coloring books and other activities for evacuees to take part in.

Garcia added that there has been no shortage of people willing to volunteer their time.

“Everybody wants to help, and that is such a beautiful thing. People are constantly coming through the door wanting to help,” Garcia said.

One such person is Jessica Kapavik, who owns a snow cone truck called Kona Ice.

A West resident, Kapavik was on the scene Tuesday morning dishing out free frozen treats. Kapavik was directly affected by the 2013 explosion of the West Fertilizer Co. explosion in the McLennan County city. She said that experience created a desire for her to help others.

“We were actually impacted by the West explosion personally. So many people came to us for help, so it only made sense that we could help others,” Kapavik said. “I just remember that the smallest things brought happiness. If we can offer a little cup of joy to give five minutes of an escape, then why not?”

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