Our 2017 #SeeTheChange Partner: AdoptAClassroom.org

Over the last three years we have had wonderful success with our #SeeTheChange program by giving back to communities in need across the U.S. In Auburn, we helped with home repair for an elderly resident. In Phoenix, we provided new uniforms for a soccer team who could not afford them. In Gainesville, we secured much needed supplies for a school. In Peoria, we supplied a new ballet bar to a dance studio. And in Oklahoma City, we were able to purchase a brand new freezer for a senior center.

This year we are partnering with AdoptAClassroom.org.

Why did they fit the bill for a partnership? Well, first of all, they’re a well established company – having been around for over 17 years – and their mission is one we can definitely assist in facilitating. They purchase teachers’ much needed school supplies for their classrooms, and since our franchises are already heavily involved in the local community schools, we loved this collaboration.

AdoptAClassroom.org found that 91% of teachers end up having to purchase school supplies for their students. Teachers are receiving less and less support from their states, creating a pretty big resource gap. This gap is being filled by the teachers themselves, with about 60% of all classroom supplies being purchased by teachers out of their own pockets, and the average that is spent by any single teacher is $600.

That’s just too much.

This is where AdoptAClassroom.org comes in. They started as the first crowdfunding resource on the internet; before Kickstarter or Go Fund Me or any of those other crowdfunding websites. They have built a platform that allows teachers to go on their website, list their classroom, and what their specific need might be. In turn, people who want to donate can go look for classrooms in their area that they want to adopt.

How could we not love this program?

In 2017, we’re committing to adopt over 100 classrooms across the United States.

So, how can you help classrooms in your local community? It’s really simple:

1. Find-A-Kona Ice truck near you
2. Purchase one of our awesome a color changing cups

That’s it!

If you want to take it a step further, you can! Participate in our online contest by posting an awesome picture of your color changing cup with the hashtags #KonaIce and #SeeTheChange. You’ll then be entered to win our #SeeTheChange t-shirt, further helping spread the good news of Kona Ice and AdoptAClassroom.org. We’ll be giving away over 1,000 t-shirts this year so get out there and start posting!

For more information about AdoptAClassroom.org, you can visit their website. And hey, you might even want to adopt a classroom yourself!