Kona Kollege #18

KK 5.27 Attendees-01


May, 30 2013

Our 18th Kollege was a success!

A small group of franchisees with BIG personalities! These folks were on the edge of their seat, ready to hit the streets with their brand new Kona Truck.

Let’s meet the personalities behind the truck!

darrell_lenamond Darrell Lenamond, Kona Ice Ocala, FL – Here’s a guy who wears a lot of hats. He’s an apartment owner and manager, a dad and a nurse to inmates in the local jail. Why not be the Kona Man too, eh? So is this quest for a Kona franchise a wild and crazy scheme to get rich? Nah. A Mid-life crisis? Possibly. But whatever his reasons, one thing’s for sure… this big kid just doesn’t plan on growing up… like EVER! Here’s to the kid who can’t wait to get the heck down to Ocala Florida and start shaving out a new career, Darrell Lenamond.



carri_harderCarri Harder, Kona Ice Wichita Falls – I warned everyone we had a wild one coming to Kollege and she lived up to the forecast. She loves life, she loves her kids, and she loves that Roy but she she absolutely adores Kona Ice. Good thing Roy came along to Kollege with her cuz someone had to keep her from oating o in her bubble of excitement. Like we said, he’s the brains, she’s the braun and the most enthusiastic student ever to leave the halls of Kona Kollege. Woohoo for Carri Harder and Roy the man Davoult heading back to Wichita Falls, Texas.



mark_dawn_hallMark Hall, Kona Ice Central Bloomfield Hills, MI – Lucky for this guy, his wife was here two weeks ago. Otherwise we would SURELY be worried. But she found the truck on line, did all the extensive research, schmoozed him into saying yes in no time at, (I hear he’s a push over), then got him to watch the kids and immediately took o for a wild time here at Kollege before he could say “hold on a minute!” Then she sent him down here to pay for it! Ha, smart gal. But smarter guy for marrying her. Congratulations Mark. Your little family is going to be a Kona commercial worth you lming in N. Bloomreld Hills, Michigan!


john_biskupJohn Biskup, Kona Ice of Southeast Aurora, CO – This guy descends from a long line of very successful humanitarians, doctors, and entreprenuers. He has his values in order and knows how to live a good life. After a few years in the corporate world he decided that wasn’t for him so he went to God’s country (aka Colorado) and hiked, skiid, snowboarded and rafted. That will put life in perspective for anyone if you ask me. That’s when he decided he wanted to give back to the world from the inside of a Kona Entertainment vehicle right there on top of the beautiful world in Aurora, Colorado. Watch out Biskup family this is the guy that will cement the family name in the history books. Good luck John!