Kona Ice of New Hampshire: Donating $50,000 & Counting!

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August 26, 2013

It’s been 5 years serving Konas to the community and Kona Ice of New Hampshire has given back more than $50,000! That’s no typo people, that’s 4 zeros after that five! Which is why they are being featured in the Union Leader, their local news publication. We are so proud and thankful for all Sharon & Jim Sweeney, owners of Kona Ice NH, do for their community. Jim and Sharon now have 3 Kona Ice trucks so they can put Konas in all hands of the community.

Kristen Leach is a camp director for a two-week summer dance camp & she is a major advocate for Kona Ice of NH. For the past several years, she has scheduled a truck to come one day a week for her summer camp. The children love the shaved ice, and 25 percent of the money made during the visits goes directly to the dance camp, Leach said.

“It’s gone back into our scholarships. It’s gone into some of the expenses we have in running the camp or the event we have in May,” Leach said. “I think the neatest part of the story is that there is actually a business that is financially benefiting from being there and then turning back around and giving you a check back. … And it’s just happiness, happiness and fun.” On top of that, the Sweeneys just love being a part of the community, Leach said. “No matter how many children there are, they have that same smile for each kid.”

This couple was the first to bring Kona Ice to the State of New Hampshire, and now there are three other franchises in the state. With such a short warm weather season though, even Kona Ice owner Tony Lamb thought it was a long shot starting a franchise in New Hampshire, Sweeney said.

“I think he fell off of his chair when we were at the end of our second season, and we had to order a second truck,” she said. The Sweeneys make the most of the New Hampshire season and use the off season to visit family and friends.

“What we say is we work very hard for six months, and we don’t work hard for six months,” Sweeney said.

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