Giveback Trip, Day 9: Brandon > Houston



“The stars at night are big and bright. Deep in the heart of Texas! The prairie sky is wide and high. Deep in the heart of Texas!”

I can attest to those claims above. I can also attest to the fact that the state of Texas loves their state flag and it can be seen anywhere and everywhere. You never forget where you are!

Today was a pretty low key day in terms of things that are interesting to write about. And what that means is that we drove almost the entire day.

We woke up this morning in Brandon, MS and filmed a little bit at Lakeshore Park again. It was an incredibly foggy Mississippi morning, but we made it work. And then we were off! Headed to Houston.

It took about 8 hours. So, that was basically our day. We met up with Patrick Sinclair at his office just to meet up and talk through tomorrow. His giveback story is really something and we’re looking forward to hearing all about it in the morning. We’ll be going to Travis Elementary School here in Houston to speak with a teacher who was involved in the fundraiser to help a 7 year old boy, Anthony, with a heart transplant.

After that, we head to Dallas where we’ll be going to another school to get some footage and then over to a giveback event with the Alexander’s. We’ve got a full day tomorrow!

We took a few pictures today. I look forward to having much more to talk about tomorrow night.

photo (97)

My POV this morning as I was recording the opening to our Brandon, MS segment. They’re a bunch of goofballs. 

photo (99)

Passing through Baton Rouge. I-10 and I became good friends today.

photo (100)

I suppose this is the bayou in Louisiana. They don’t have signs stating such, but it looked pretty similar to what a bayou looks like in my mind.

photo (98)

We made it. It’s blurry picture of Houston! 

Thanks for keeping up with the trip. We’re on to our last stop, Dallas, tomorrow. We’ll be there for a few days as we have a few more stories to capture. I’ve enjoyed bringing you along on this journey and am ready to continue telling you about the last 3 stories we get to capture!