Giveback Trip, Day 6: Greenville > LaGrange, GA



We’ve completed half of our stops as of this morning. Leaving Greenville, we were on to our second half of the stops, starting with LaGrange, GA with Calvin Neely and his wife, Robbie. We’ll chat about them here in a bit.

First we stopped in downtown Greenville in Falls Park with the Reedy River flowing through and let me tell you, it’s just the cutest most quaint little downtown area I’ve ever seen. They’ve really incorporated the area and it’s history into what they choose to display. Lots of statues with history marked down to commemorate this city. We had a blast exploring. Even though it was raining, we didn’t let it dampen our spirits.

Then we were off to LaGrange, GA. We arrived around lunch time and decided that we’d stop by a Cracker Barrel. We forgot it was Sunday. And we were in the South. And it was right after church let out. Luckily the wait wasn’t too bad, but we did have a hard time finding a parking spot. It was packed! We spent some time resting at the hotel and then we drove about 9 miles out to the Neely’s house.

Now let me just start off by saying that tonight was exactly what we needed for this leg of the trip. They invited us over to their house and Robbie cooked us dinner and it was absolutely delicious. It was special to have a home-cooked meal and get to just enjoy their company. They are just the most darling, sweet couple. Hours were spent just hanging out and chatting and enjoying life. Calvin even made this delicious pear dessert for us. And boy did it hit the spot. We told them they might suddenly out of nowhere gain three more children that live in their basement. I think we could have set up camp there for a few days.

We set up to interview Calvin and talk about the work he’s done with a local Grief Camp – a camp for children who have lost a parent within the last 12 months and need some fun and counseling. Calvin talked about how this giveback was the most touching to him and that he wanted to share that story. So we chatted about that and how he got into the Kona business. We even talked Robbie into sitting down and talking with us for a few minutes and that was great.

They served us up some delicious new flavors of Kona Ice. We tried Strawberry Cheesecake, Cantaloupe and Banana Cheesecake. They told us they didn’t have any out of the ordinary flavors, but I said, “Trust me. You have flavors we haven’t tried.” And so we gave those new ones a shot. And they were so great! We wanted to try more, but we were so full from an amazing dinner and delicious dessert.

Tomorrow we head off to Jackson, MS with the Kona Ice of the Bayou crew! We’re pumped to hear their giveback tales! Until tomorrow…

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The boys prepping for filming some of downtown Greenville.


Ben strapped on the Steadicam to get some sweet shots.


This is how he looks for good shots.

photo (85)

Filming the opening to the Greenville, SC segment. 

photo (86)

Setting up the interview with Calvin.


Calvin, mid-interview. 


Great shot of the Neely’s with their dog, Copper.


Waving to the camera!


Getting the jib shot. 


Strawberry Cheesecake Kona coming right up!

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