Giveback Trip, Day 12: Ft. Worth

Today, this day the 24th of August in the year 2013, marks the last full day of filming on the Giveback Trip. And what a day it was.

We started off at the Holleman’s warehouse, where I was able to sit down with Paige and talk to her about the Kona business and their giveback story with Dario Lorenzetti. Paige is full of life and really fun to talk to. She said she was nervous, but she did great in front of the camera. Then one of Steve’s friends who also was good friends with Dario came and talked to us as well. He’s very involved with the memorial that is being built in memory of Dario at Worth Ranch.

Speaking of Worth Ranch, that’s where we headed next and spent the rest of our day there. We caravanned out with Dario’s father and Steve. Upon arrival, Steve walked us around the grounds of this gorgeous boy scout camp and gave us the run down of it’s history and shared stories with us about certain places in the camp about he and Dario. A very deep friendship was started and grown here on these campgrounds and Steve was able to talk with us about that.

He took us to an overlook with some seating and it was simply breathtaking. We were given the chance to talk with Dario’s father with this absolutely stunning back drop. But what was even more beautiful were the words that Dario’s father had to say about Dario. He misses Dario like crazy and learned only through his death how loved Dario truly was. Just speaking with his father, you could tell Dario was an incredible man and someone to truly be remembered.

And that’s why they’re building this memorial for him at Worth Ranch. He was a servant leader and literally died saving the lives of others. He upheld what he, as an Eagle Scout, was taught to do – to lead well and sacrifice for others.

Dario’s death was a huge catalyst for Steve and Paige to buy their Kona Ice franchise. It was a reminder that they aren’t guaranteed tomorrow and that if they want to do something, they should do it. So they went ahead and signed the paper work just a couple months after Dario’s death. After they attended the Kona Konvention in February and saw that we were focusing on our Giveback, they knew there was something they wanted to do for Dario. And thus fundraising for the Dario Lorenzetti Worth Ranch Memorial was born and Steve has been blessed enough to be able to do some of that fundraising through his and Dario’s high school, Nolan.

Without a doubt, this is the most “covered” of any of the giveback stories we’ve filmed on this trip, as we have interviewed a total of 8 people regarding the story of Dario Lorenzetti. He was truly an inspiring person and I’m sad to have never met him. But the legacy he left will live on and Kona Ice had a small part in that.

If you’d like to read more about Dario’s story or even contribute to his memorial, check out the Facebook page here:

We intend on posting a “Best Of” post on our ride home, highlighting all the places we stopped along this crazy adventure. But until then, enjoy our pictures from today.


Our new flavor of choice in Ft. Worth was Bahama Mama. And it was delicious!


Paige shaving up some icy goodness for us!


You know, just setting up a shot in the middle of nowhere…


…of these guys. Say hey to the Holleman’s, y’all!


Paige called these “weeds”. I wish our weeds looked like this. Gorgeous, right?

Some pics around Worth Ranch.





Steve showing us the ropes. Or cliffs. 


It’s not Texas until you spot some cacti. Am I right?


Ben and I with Dario’s father, Ole, and Steve!

And last but not least, pics of the absolutely stunning sunset up at Worth Ranch.




We’re chilling tomorrow before we head out on Monday. So no post tomorrow, but we’ll be back to post one last post on Monday.