Giveback Trip, Day 10: Houston > Dallas

GT7We have arrived. Stop 8 of 8. We are absolutely thrilled that we don’t have to drive over 30 miles in the next 3 days. It will be glorious.

BUT, before we left for Dallas/Ft. Worth today, we filmed all morning in Houston. So, let me tell you about it!

We arrived at Travis Elementary School at 9:30 this morning and were privileged to get to talk to some sweet folks about a boy named Anthony. Anthony was a first grader at Travis when his parents discovered that his heart was failing. He needed a heart transplant, but did not have the money to cover the expenses for one. They needed help and fast. The community in the school’s area really reached out and wrapped their arms around Anthony’s family. The woman in charge of the PTA at Travis, Laura, reached out to Patrick Sinclair of Kona Ice of Houston. He had already had a Kona Day scheduled for the school and she called to ask him if he would be willing to donate the percentage he was going to give back to the school straight to Anthony’s family. Of course Patrick agreed. What he couldn’t have known was how much Anthony’s story was going to touch him. He decided upon arrival that the best he could give back was 100%. And that’s exactly what he did. The event ended up raising over $7,000 dollars for Anthony. And Anthony has since then, received his heart transplant and is doing incredibly well. We were absolutely blessed to be able to talk to Anthony’s teacher, Lindsey, the PTA president Laura AND a special treat, we got to talk to Anthony and his mom, Bianca. It was a great day in Houston.

And then we were off to Dallas/Ft. Worth! Upon arrival, we went straight to Mary Moore Elementary School to meet up with Amy Alexander with Kona Ice of Lake Arlington. They were in the middle of a Meet and Greet with the teachers. The parking lot was jam packed and there were kids and parents EVERYWHERE. We could barely make our way to the Kona truck to see Amy. We made it and got some great footage of them serving the families of Mary Moore Elementary. Then we headed inside and spoke with one of the 4th grade teachers at Moore to learn about a giveback that the Alexander’s were involved in. The story is that a high schooler who is an alumni from Moore Elementary was diagnosed with colon cancer. Her mother happens to teach at Moore. Once one of the teachers found out, she thought of Kona Ice to come out and do a fundraiser for Taylor, the girl diagnosed. They raised over $1,000 dollars for Taylor that day. It’s a powerful story about an educational community rallying behind it’s own. We can’t wait to get the second half of the story from the Alexander’s tomorrow.

And that’s a wrap on Day 10. We’ve got a full day tomorrow starting at Nolan Catholic High School and ending with the Alexander’s! Here’s to our first full day in Fort Worth!

Enjoy some great pics below!


Our first filming spot at Travis Elementary School.

Hanging out with Patrick at park in downtown Houston.




Ben and Justin getting the sweet jib shot of Patrick in front of a huge reflection pool. Not pictured: the huge reflection pool.


Carrying said jib. Glad they’re around so I don’t have to carry the heavy stuff.


We’re not in Kansas any more. We’re in Texas. And they love to remind you of that in any way possible.


Kona Ice truck in action at Mary Moore Elementary.




And that’s a wrap on Day 10. Hope you enjoyed the post! Until tomorrow, folks.