Northern Kentucky Tribune

“From shaved ice guys to nationally recognized brand; Florence-based Kona Ice is a household name”

The Northern Kentucky Tribune, a news outlet local to Kona Korporate, did a wonderful piece on the story of Kona Ice so far:

The tale of how his daughter’s bad experience with an ice cream truck vendor planted the seed for Tony Lamb to found Kona Ice has been shared many times.

There is a lot more to the story, however, of how the Walton entrepreneur turned that unfortunate encounter into shaved-ice gold.

At the time, Lamb was working out of Louisville as a contract marketing consultant and was on the road five or six days a week.

He was making good money, but just wasn’t happy about being away from his wife and four children for long stretches. The upside to spending so much time in the car, however, was that he had plenty of time to think… Read the full story here: