What Would We Do Without Our Mothers?

At Kona Ice, we don’t know what we’d do without our mothers. “Close to 75% of our Kona Ice franchises are women co-owned and operated, and 33% of our corporate staff members are mothers,” said Tony Lamb, Founder and CEO of Kona Ice. “Mothers, and women in general, make great franchisees because they are typically very well…

The Bachelorette: A Kona Parody

Watch our version of Des and her handsome contestants battle it out! Kona the Penguin has been waiting his whole life for a chance at love and this just may be it. Tune in Monday, July 15th, to ABC to get a real look of Kona the Penguin on The Bachelorette’s Hometown Episode!

Kona Bachelorette Parody Trailer

Yes, Kona Ice will be making an appearance on the Bachelorette on Monday July 15th! Even Des can’t get enough of Kona the Penguin! To watch the full parody, click here: http://youtu.be/LetpvLjd7zQ

Kona Kup Recycled #1

What do you do with your Kona Kup?

Just Bein Nice! #2

Just Bein Nice!

Brian’s Ice Cream- Episode 02

Brian’s Ice Cream- Episode 01